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MuAsia Season 15

Quality low latency gaming for ASIA reagion are finally here!

Free to play server for EVERYONE

No IP region blocks, everyone are welcome at MuAsia Singapore location!

x9999 718
Siege owner: PHTeam
x1000 535
Siege owner: 1000s

Party Information

Party System gold party and gap levels

Party Experience and system: Get full party (5 characters of each class to get maximum experience boost)

Bronze party 3 different class characters: Exp boost: 120%
Silver party 4 different class characters: Exp boost: 150%
Gold party 5 different class characters: Exp boost: 180%

Party level gap: 300lvl: This is added to reduce farming with max level characters and warping to party with 1 level

After /reset party is disbanded, to prevent warping low lvl chars to TOP maps without required levels.

Published by Salvis 28/08/2020