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MuAsia Season 15

Quality low latency gaming for ASIA reagion are finally here!

Free to play server for EVERYONE

No IP region blocks, everyone are welcome at MuAsia Singapore location!

x9999 688
Siege owner: PHTeam
x1000 535
Siege owner: 1000s

Guild ARCANA info

Master omic
Score 4
Member Count 28


Name Level Class Position
omic 400 DrK Guild Master
omic007 400 SW Member
omicElf 400 NE Member
OmicRage 198 FB Member
oOomicOo 400 SLT Member
PEiN 400 SL Member
Pogsmast3r 1 SW Member
SunTech 37 SLT Member
SUPERlOR 298 LE Member
UNiTED 5 DrK Member
xSaints 326 ER Member
ZzGOVERzZ 400 ER Member
Baliw 400 SL Member
ChoasLord 400 ER Member
coffebean1 400 ER Member
COITUZ 326 FB Member
DarkBlatz 400 SW Member
DarkOT3N 284 GL Member
DLFactor 1 ER Member
GhOsT 400 BK Member
Kastoy 239 SW Member
KOPIKO3in1 1 FB Member
KULAPU 400 ER Member
lea246 1 SLT Member
Leonidas21 400 FB Member
leyyyy123 23 DrK Member
MrPure 123 MG Member
OMEGARED 400 DrK Member