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MuAsia Season 15

Quality low latency gaming for ASIA reagion are finally here!

Free to play server for EVERYONE

No IP region blocks, everyone are welcome at MuAsia Singapore location!

x9999 700
Siege owner: PHTeam
x1000 535
Siege owner: 1000s

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Master BigBooty
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Member Count 24


Name Level Class Position
BigBooty 400 SL Guild Master
bienthai 400 DrK BattleMaster
AnhChimBe 400 DrK Member
BatCuAnhNe 400 NE Member
BeCuTo 400 SW Member
BinhDuong 400 SW Member
clearcreep 400 ER Member
daubac 400 SLT Member
deku 400 SW Member
Dominator 400 SW Member
GBits 400 SW Member
ImPregnant 400 NE Member
IronmanVn 400 SW Member
JERRY 400 NE Member
Kenshine 400 SW Member
LoanBuCu 191 ER Member
MTslayer 400 SLT Member
Nostalgia 400 NE Member
PangPang 400 NE Member
Rynn 400 SLT Member
ThuDau1 400 DrK Member
TIMON 400 ER Member
TridentGL 400 SL Member
TrumXomDi 400 SW Member